Breana Intlekofer, Marketing Coordinator

As Waypost’s newest marketing coordinator, I aim to aid in the expansion and growth of the company. I look forward to learning from my peers and applying that knowledge to help achieve our clients’ goals. I’m a firm believer in making personal development a priority so that I can continue to bring new and innovative ideas to the table.

To me, being part of the Waypost brand means infusing thoughtful decision making into every step of the marketing process. The work atmosphere at Waypost is incredible; everyone is extremely knowledgeable in their roles and expresses a sincere interest in each other, both personally and professionally. I love how that sincerity bleeds into Waypost’s client work.

In my spare time, I really enjoy gardening. I also like reading and learning. I’m especially interested in interior design, the psychology of design, and branding. I love running and exploring with my dog Bubba (who sometimes comes to the office with me!).