Which tactics are going to help your business win the war for attention?

What’s the difference between demand generation and lead generation?

In short, any activity that increases the total exposure of your brand or product to your market would fall under the umbrella of demand generation. We think of lead generation and demand generation in the same terms, but lead generation is a holistic approach while demand generation is more targeted and specific. In particular, we focus most of our demand generation efforts on analysis and precision tactics.

Demand generation analysis is a part of all of our marketing activities. Because there are so many different kinds of demand generation tactics that can be used to accomplish the same goals, we typically do a great deal of research to determine the most effective approach for you business.

Demand generation is directly tied to lead generation and revenue goals.

The goal of any demand generation plan is to increase the total number of marketing qualified leads (MQLs) coming through your pipeline, but we may use a variety of tactics at the same time to accomplish your goals:

  • Marketing/Sales Alignment: Begin with the internal and align marketing and sales with common goals and metrics.
  • Paid Advertising: Paid Advertising (PPC) is the most obvious and widely-used demand generation tactic. Where and how you advertise will depend on your strategy.
  • Automated Campaigns: Create bundles of content that work together over time to capture and nurture leads. You can automate the top-of-funnel (TOFU) processes and allow these campaigns to work passively in the background.
  • Account-based Marketing (ABM): Target “markets of one”. This is an excellent approach for many B2B strategies where the revenue from a single contract justifies the extensive effort involved.
  • Guest Posting / Co-branding: Create off-site expert content as a fast way to build brand recognition and credibility.
  • PR/Media Relations: Publish regular press releases and maintain communication with appropriate media outlets to ensure you maintain a public reputation in your industry and community.

Demand generation is rooted in a deep understanding of your specific audience and industry. No two strategies will be exactly alike, but the goal is always to generate quality leads.