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Ep. 2: Sales Enablement for B2B

I sat down with Doug Fowler (President, Waypost) and Sara Gilstrap (Marketing Strategist, Waypost) to discuss the different parts of a successful sales enablement program for B2B companies in industrial and professional service industries. Specifically, we discussed:

  • Marketing/Sales Alignment
  • Customer Relationship Managers (CRMs)
  • Managerial Buy-in

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Ep. 1: Marketing Budgets & ROI

Ep. 2 Highlights

What does marketing/sales alignment look like?

The value of a Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Usually it takes buy-in from senior management.

What if you have cultural resistance to change?

CRM offers transparency and visibility.

CRM implementation is a quick win.

Common objections to the CRM.

What’s the learning curve for sales enablement?

Ep. 1 Highlights

What is the value of what we do?

How important is organic traffic in measuring ROI?

We’re going to track sales performance.

Short term strategies don’t mean overnight results.

Compounding ROI on long-term strategies.

Marketing and sales have to support each other.

How do we balance short and long term strategies?

Nothing works without buy-in.