Marketing and Sales Technology That Supports Your Business

If you’ve started the process of shopping for marketing technology, you may be feeling overwhelmed at how many options exist. How can you know which ones are right for you?

Fortunately, learning the ins and outs of marketing and sales technology platforms is well within our purview. We’re familiar with the pros and cons of most of these platforms and are always learning more. This enables us to set our clients up with the technology stack that is right for them — their business, their goals, their budget.

It’s easy to lose sight of the fact that these tech platforms are tools — their marketing departments work very hard to encourage users to focus on the platform… sometimes at the expense of the user’s own goals. This isn’t malicious, of course. They’re just trying to sell their products, but we feel it’s important to keep a healthy perspective when we’re recommending technology to our clients.

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Technology isn’t a substitution for strategy

Integrating the newest software and technology into your marketing and sales processes won’t automatically make you more profitable or efficient. In fact, we recommend holding off on any technology upgrade until you have a comprehensive marketing and sales plan that justifies an upgrade.

In the marketing technology category alone, there are nearly 10,000 different products available that all claim to boost revenue and efficiency. Without a strategy guiding your decisions, you may likely end up wasting money and time on integrations that frustrate your team and your customers and keep you from growing in the right direction.

Our approach to technology is directed by your strategy.

The technologies that we recommend for your business will be products that our team knows inside and out. Our goal is to crush your goals, and our team understands which tools make us stronger. No two clients end up with the exact same toolbox.

Choosing a cornerstone for your technology “stack”

The products that will work best for you are products that all work well together and complement each other. Every technology stack we recommend starts with a single tool that will act as a foundation for all other tools. HubSpot is our go-to recommendation to fill this role for several reasons:

  1. HubSpot is the most full-featured, well-supported marketing, sales, and support platform for the money. For the majority of our clients, HubSpot meets 90% of their marketing and sales technology needs right out of the box.
  2. Our team has inside-and-out knowledge of the HubSpot platform and an excellent relationship with the HubSpot team. We’ve been a certified HubSpot Solutions Partner for many years now, and every member of our team is a seasoned HubSpot user.
  3. HubSpot has a vast app partner program that makes additional technology integrations easy and effective. The ecosystem of products that integrate with and support HubSpot is large enough to almost guarantee you’ll never have to worry about custom software integrations again.

Cost vs. Benefit

Most tools boast immediate benefits, but these benefits fall short over time when weighed against the cost of implementation and management. We want your technology stack to serve your strategy, but we also want it to yield a positive ROI. To that end, the technologies we recommend are presented in terms of cost vs. benefit, taking into consideration the costs of implementation and management as well.

Partner with Waypost

It’s worth mentioning that Waypost has several partnerships with trusted software providers, but these partnerships only exist to better serve our own clients. If a tool isn’t right for you, we won’t sell it to you. Give us a call at (864) 288-6162 to chat about your marketing and sales technology needs or request a consultation online.