Close Deals Faster & Increase Sales Efficiency

Maximize the value of your marketing efforts and help your sales team close business faster.

When we talk about Sales Enablement, we're talking about working with your Sales team to empower them to close better deals at a higher velocity by supporting them with technology, processes, and content. We believe this is an essential part of the Marketing department's role — to support the Sales team's goals.

Here are a few things we like to look at:

  • What is the quality of the leads passed to Sales from Marketing?
  • How much time is wasted on repetitive tasks?
  • How are leads being tracked and managed?
  • What types of content do Sales need to help them push a lead to close?
  • Do you have an accurate picture of what’s in the pipeline?

Waypost’s Sales Enablement Services

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Sales Enablement Strategy

We can help you develop a thorough sales process and strategy for your team to follow to increase their efficiency and close deals faster.
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Sales Support

We can help with deal pipeline management, create collateral to build credibility, create templates for frequent emails, and use workflows to automate repetitive tasks.
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Sales & Technology Training

We can train your sales team on best practices for HubSpot's CRM and Sales tools, which helps them work more efficiently, close deals faster, and create extraordinary customer relationships.
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Closed-Loop Funnel & Attribution

We can help close the gaps across your Sales and Marketing efforts, align your teams, and provide high-level visibility into the return on each team’s efforts.

Sales Enabled Deliverables

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Content Creation

Case studies, sales pitch books, branded templates, branded collateral, sales videos, eBooks, and premium content offers.
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Email Templates

Improve productivity by creating templates for your most repetitive emails. Access these templates from your email client (Gmail or Outlook 365).
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Email Sequences

Automate lead nurturing with prospects using sequences and spend more time focusing on warm leads.
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Prospect Tracking

Get notified when a lead opens an email or revisits your website. Use this data to re-engage with a lead via phone call or email.
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Sales Pipeline Setup

Customize a deal pipeline to match your sales process.
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Sales Dashboard & Reporting Setup

Create dashboards with customized reports to share key metrics with executives and your sales team.
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Lead Scoring

Prioritize your sales efforts based on a prospect’s likelihood to become a customer. Avoid wasting time on poor-fit leads.
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Sales Workflows

Automate manual tasks. Automate lead nurturing in specific deal stages.
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Automated Chatbot Playbooks

Connect directly with prospects when they're actively engaging with your website. Develop chat playbooks to automate the process, and connect prospects with the right salesperson.
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Eliminate the annoying email back-and-forth with HubSpot Meetings. Share a link to allow customers and prospects to schedule a meeting with you quickly. Automatically book the appointments in your Google Calendar or Office 365.
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We love these guys. They are responsive, professional, and extremely good at digital marketing.

We began working with Waypost almost a year ago (early 2020) and have been extremely happy since. They have been involved in coordinating our SEO efforts as well as email marketing and Google Adword campaigns. They have also helped with overall graphics and design for proposals, marketing materials, and website pages. Complete and talented team. 5 Stars.

—Henry Moore, President & Founder of REsimplifi, Inc.


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