Waypost was founded in 2003 by Doug Fowler

Doug was looking to get away from a toxic, highly political corporate culture. Our company was born out of Doug’s desire to do his own thing and live a life that was more in balance. More importantly, though, Doug wanted to build something meaningful. What started as a lifestyle business has evolved into an organization with a passion for driving prosperity — both for our clients and for our employees. This is the legacy that he is working to leave behind.

That drive to live a life in balance, to build something important, and to bring prosperity to our community has been the cornerstone of Waypost for its entire life.

Going ‘All-In’ With Inbound

While we started out as a web design firm, it wasn’t long before we were incorporating various digital marketing tactics in our service offerings. A little blogging here, a little social media management there, maybe sending a regular email newsletter for a few clients, and before you knew it, we had become a digital marketing agency.

It wasn’t until 2014, though, that we really started to take ourselves seriously as marketers. At that point in time, Inbound Marketing was brand new on the horizon — only big city agencies were really doing it, and no one in the South had heard of it. Realizing that we needed to be on the cusp of that wave, we went all in. We chose to partner with HubSpot, buckled down and learned how to do Inbound Marketing, and sold these new service offerings to a couple of forward-thinking clients. That was when we rebranded and became Waypost Marketing.

Strategy First

By 2018, the Inbound Marketing craze had kicked in and completely dominated the internet.

Whether you called it Inbound Marketing or Content Marketing, everyone was doing it. Entire industries were saturated with content of varying levels of relevance. Every company was blogging, sending email newsletters, and doing some kind of social media. If you weren’t doing it, you were left behind with no chance of competing. If you were doing it, you were part of the white noise.

We had sold our clients these packages that were composed of various combinations of tactics, and we were having a harder and harder time getting the results they needed. Just publishing a blog a week wasn’t enough anymore. The search engines still wanted fresh content, but users needed more… more nurturing, more direction, more strategizing from us to get them exactly what they were looking for.

That’s when we pivoted again and became a Strategy-first agency.

Building the strategy first means we’re always focused on the objectives, and it frees us up to use the tools we need to use to accomplish them. It gives us the agility to pivot on a quarterly basis if we need to in order to adapt to our clients’ evolving businesses. We’re not locked into executing the same set of tactics month over month. As things change in your business, so can we.


Our Mission


Our mission is to be a force for good in our community by helping our clients, our employees, and their families prosper.

Our clients trust us to be good stewards of their marketing budgets, and we take that trust seriously. In order to continually earn that trust, our core values include:

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Always do what is right and in the best interest of our clients.

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Consistently improve ourselves and each other.

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Take ownership and have a best-is-standard attitude.

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Communicate profusely & authentically.


Our promise to our clients is that we’ll manage your business like it’s our own. Our retainer clients get the highest priority on all project and support work. We will respond to any support request within 1 business day.

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Our Brand’s Purpose

We went a little beyond having a traditional mission statement by asking ourselves how we could act on our values and infuse them into everything that we do. Our purpose is to diffuse distrust through leadership and education, positioning ourselves as experts in our field and as trustworthy stewards of our client’s brand, time, and money. Each of us is determined to model the motives and actions of a trustworthy marketer.

Community Involvement

Our commitment to bringing prosperity to our community doesn’t stop with our clients. We are eager to support non-profits whose missions align with ours, and to that end, we have done significant work with Greenville Literacy Association for free or significantly discounted rates, as well as the Center for Community Services in Simpsonville, Fostering Great Ideas in Greenville, and with Building Blocks Phonics.

Our team also volunteers to help with Greenville Literacy Association’s Really Good, Really Big, Really Cheap Booksale every year.