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Our approach to Lead Generation: Get Found. Build Relationships.

Lead Generation is the method used to generate positive growth for your business by attracting, converting, closing, and delighting committed, loyal customers who are truly interested in hearing what you can do to help them out.

Marketing delivers leads and sales closes deals. It’s a simplistic mindset that doesn’t work when relationships matter. Most of the issues that will contribute to poor growth within your business are caused by air gaps between marketing and sales — not between marketing and your audience. Lead generation today is about getting found and building strong relationships with decision makers. Waypost generates leads and grows revenues by closing the gaps between marketing and sales and connecting your sales team directly to your target audience.

One of the biggest factors in growing your business is your ability to take complete strangers and turn them into buyers. How you find those strangers, educate them on your product, and condition them for a purchasing decision is called Lead Generation.

Now historically, lead generation has involved casting a wide net around mostly random crowds of people using TV ads and cold calling and hoping for a result. We refer to this as “outbound marketing.”

Recently, marketing has evolved to enable you to be much more intentional about speaking to people who are already asking the questions you want to answer – delivering your message to the exact right person at the exact right time. This is called “inbound marketing.”

By taking a targeted approach, you can ensure that the leads being delivered to your sales team are marketing qualified and truly ready to talk business. And, you can condition these potential customers to be receptive your specific sales process – answering their questions, offering value, and making them feel good about their decision to choose you.

If you’re serious about growth, and you recognize that you need more or better leads in order to meet your goals, it’s critical that you determine whether your current lead generation process is helping or hurting your progress — and how much of a change is necessary in order to get back on track. The info below should help you get off to a good start, but if you decide you want real help, we’re a phone call away.

Lead Nurturing is marketing-speak for building strong relationships.

Lead nurturing, according to Marketo, is the process of developing relationships with buyers at every stage of the sales funnel.

To nurture a lead means to listen to them — find out what their problem is and what they need from you in order to solve it. Since about half of the leads in your system are likely prospects that just aren’t ready to buy, neglecting them could easily lead to the prospect dropping you out of consideration by the time they decide to purchase.

In order to understand the strength of any given relationship, we develop a lead scoring process unique to your sales cycle. Lead scoring helps sales and marketing pinpoint how much and what kind of attention is right for any given prospect. Ultimately, we use these scores to differentiate a Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) from a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) in our communications with your sales team.

How you define your lead scoring system is going to be specific to your business. However, we can tell you that your internal system will almost certainly use four basic metrics with numerical values assigned to them:

Companies with great lead nurturing practices generate 50% more sales ready leads at a 33% lower cost.


Prospects who match target buyer personas would receive a higher basic score while prospects who don’t seem to match up with your product or service may require much more nurturing and education before becoming a Marketing Qualified Lead.


Engagements with your marketing team will increase a lead score. Every engagement is scored according to the type of content your prospect is interacting with. Decision level engagement would push the score higher than awareness level engagement.


We use behavior triggers to determine when to engage directly with a prospect and how to score new leads. Not all new prospects are equally cold or warm. Initial behaviors inform us whether a new lead might already be in the final stages of a decision.


Different actions may indicate a prospect in different stages of the sales process. A prospect at a more advanced stage may be receptive to contact from your sales team, but a cold lead is likely to react poorly if they feel pressure from your sales team too early.

Lead nurturing is more about relationships than numbers.

Don’t lose sight of one important fact when your teams are scoring a lead: the prospect isn’t just some text on a screen, but a human being. The secret to effective lead nurturing is not to lose yourself in numbers, but to focus your marketing efforts on building a conversation and connection that keeps you top-of-mind when it matters most.

Your Guide to Growth-Based Lead Generation

It may take time to see the effects, but a failure to address outdated sales and marketing processes now can lead to major problems down the road. Many of these new tactics are not overnight processes, and the roadmap for some companies can be months or years.

The solution we’re offering is not a product or service that you need right now or it’s too late. The solution we’re offering is a conversation with someone who can bridge the gap between your business and the future of lead generation. Every company is different — with unique challenges and opportunities. Let us take our expertise and apply it to your growth goals and find out what can work for you.

Waypost Marketing is focused on implementing proven, results-driven marketing and lead generation strategies to help our clients build strong relationships and generate qualified leads. We are a highly-educated team with wide-ranging expertise in all areas of digital marketing. We work with you to understand how you can capture leads earlier, qualify those leads faster, and measure your success with quantifiable results.

Are leads your biggest challenge?

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