As part of the digital marketing philosophy at Waypost, we believe in good stewardship of our clients’ budgets and brands.

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies continue to emerge and improve, we recognize both the cost-saving opportunities they afford us (and our clients), as well as the risks they present. To stress our commitment to transparency, we have developed this AI policy outlining our intended use of AI-driven technology within our agency. We will operate under the following guidelines to create thoughtful, efficient, innovative, and ethical work both internally and for our clients.

The below applications are examples of how we MIGHT utilize AI to assist with any internal marketing and communications services, and in limited circumstances, client-related work:

  • Keyword research and development for social media and SEO content
  • Persona and industry research, in cases when real-world data is sparse or unavailable
  • To jumpstart brainstorming sessions
  • To organize and index internal data and assets, such as:
    • Summaries
    • Meeting recaps
    • Agendas and outlines
    • Personal task lists
  • Inter-office communications
  • To assist in the early stages of creating the following externally facing content:
    • SEO web content
    • PPC ad copy
    • Social media post captions
    • Email and newsletter copy
  • To create unique stock images, in cases when a license or copyright to the work is not relevant or necessary.


The below applications are examples of how we will NOT utilize AI under any circumstance:

  • To share data or any sensitive company information
  • As a source in any copywriting without being edited by a human strategist for accuracy, tone, grammar, etc.
  • To create testimonials or impersonate a human
  • To work with client brands:
    • Brand standards document and elements
    • Logo design
    • Collateral design
    • Any brand-related insights such as character, values, etc.
  • To replace any piece of work or deliverable in its entirety


It is important to note that we will always disclose when AI is being used to assist in content creation or automation. Acknowledging and adapting to emerging technologies is vital to the success of our services. With this in mind, we recognize that this policy will evolve and change as technological innovations continue to develop.

Most importantly, Waypost proudly signs its name to every bit of work we produce. AI will never be an excuse for us to compromise our established standard of excellence.


Last Revised: 3/14/2024