Our standard is excellence without compromise.

We believe inbound marketing is the answer to a lot of questions, so we are collecting stories from our clients to prove it. . .

Case Study: TPM

TPM, Inc.

Cutting total pages by 80% results in 446% increase in form submissions, 15% decrease in bounce rate, 14% increase in pages per session.

Case Study: American Bedding

American Bedding Mfg.

15% increase in total revenue, 25% increase in qualified leads in only 90 days of inbound marketing.

Case Study: Go With Garrett's

Go With Garrett’s

400% increase in qualified leads, 174% increase in organic search traffic.

BNTD Law Firm Case Study

BNTD Law Firm

180% increase in visits, 200% increase in leads from web sources without a website redesign.

Hot Springs Pools & Spas

Hot Springs Pools & Spas

54% increase in traffic, 84% increase in leads, and a very happy Kimberley.

Waypost Case Studies
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Premium Content: Vista Relocation Guide

The Vista Relocation Guide was used as an awareness/consideration stage offer for a home builder based in the mountains of North Carolina.
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Video: get mool Explainer

get mool is a family of self-improvement products designed to help people get more out of life. This video was produced in conjunction with the get mool branding package to introduce the idea behind the brand to a fresh audience.
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Web Design: City of Newberry, SC

Newberry, SC was managing two websites - the official city site and a tourism site - and had a desire to combine the two into one. The primary objective of this new combined website was to attract new residents and businesses to the area. Navigation was the biggest challenge for this project because of the wide variety of personas the site needed to serve simultaneously.
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Web Design: TPM

TPM came to us with a site that was extremely difficult to navigate, waterlogged with over 400 pages, and struggling to convert. With fresh eyes we were able to strip the site down to just 90 pages and provide a complete rebuild that solved the myriad of usability issues. Paired with an effective inbound strategy, TPM's website is now seeing a significant upswing in qualified leads.
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Premium Content: The Process of Building eBook

"The Process of Building" was created as the cornerstone piece of an awareness campaign for a residential developer in the mountains of North Carolina. A key aspect of our campaign strategy was developing target personas for two specific developments currently under construction.
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Web Design: Go With Garrett’s

For Go With Garrett's we implemented a ground-up rebuild of an ineffective brochure site, starting with a new inbound strategy. The short term result was a 400% increase in qualified leads and a 174% increase in organic search traffic in less than 6 months.
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Premium Content: Welcome Home eBook

The "Welcome Home" eBook was part of an awareness campaign for a plumbing and HVAC company based in Pennsylvania. We created an around-the-house maintenance checklist filled with helpful tips in an effort to increase brand recognition and brand favorability in the region.
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Ad Set: BNTD Remarketing Ads

We manage Google ad campaigns for a number of clients, including remarketing ads. Every ad set we produce is monitored and reiterated by our design team quarterly to maximize conversions.
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Premium Content: Ransomware eBook

"Ransomware" was produced as part of an ongoing awareness campaign for an IT management company based in the Bay Area.