Web design services focused on conversions and growth.

Our approach to web design — like our approach to everything else we do — is focused strategically on your company’s unique growth goals and obstacles.

Many agencies view web design as a first step. We are not one of those agencies. Your website is your most valuable and most foundational marketing asset. Before we start any new web design project we want to understand the long-term goals and obstacles we’re meant to be addressing.

Strategy-first Web Design

Our first step in any new partnership is strategy. Our web design strategies are built to inform more than just the initial design. We want to develop a deeper understanding of your sales processes, your target audience, and any obstacles you may face in generating leads. Most of all, we want to deliver a long-term plan for success to guide your future decision making.

Your web design strategy will include:

  • Detailed Site Objectives: A forward-facing vision of all the ways your website will contribute to revenue growth and relationship building.
  • KPIs & Metrics: Unique, detailed metrics we will use to measure your website ROI and determine the direction of your ongoing strategies.
  • A Complete Content Map: A breakdown of topics and subtopics that we use to guide your long-term content strategies.
  • Content Outlines: Detailed outlines of all your initial web content, including conversion mapping and internal linking strategies.
  • Conversion Funnels: Buying scenarios and conversion maps for all of your buyer personas.
  • Buyer Personas: Researched documentation on your top specific target audiences.
  • Tone & Positioning Guides: Style guides for your content creators to maintain a consistent tone and establish a strong position in your market.

Scalable Web Design Solutions for Growth-Driven Design

Our web design solutions are built to appreciate in value over time. A web design project is never one-and-done. Your users and popular search engines prioritize fresh content that well-represents your company. Our growth-driven approach to design means that we are constantly iterating and improving the user experience based on the metrics we define in your web strategy and ongoing content strategies.

This approach also means that we prioritize quality content over custom design when we allocate the resources you have available. We’ll take increased revenue over a web design award any day of the week.

Waypost Web Design Process
Wordpress and HubSpot

Transparent & Platform-based Web Development

Your website should be accessible – not just to your audience – but to you as well. This is why we choose to develop most of our websites on the WordPress platform. WordPress is an open-source, highly supported content management system that offers ease of access for users of all experience levels.

Because we don’t believe in long-term marketing contracts, we think you deserve the same freedom when it comes to your website. Our development team works hard to make sure that your website is able to be supported by anyone you may choose – not just us.

Some of our clients want or need something different than WordPress. Our team has deep experience with most popular website platforms, including HubSpot CMS and many more.

Whatever you need from your web design team, we want to offer you the solution that works best for you for years to come.

Here are some of our recent web design solutions:

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Progressive Packaging

Progressive Packaging is a full-service custom packaging manufacturer serving the Southeast. Their unique product and service offerings and dedication to excellent customer service have earned them a strong reputation in their industry. The web solution we provided for Progressive is designed to communicate both their quality of service and their focus on strong relationships by telling a highly visual story of their success in the region.
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Solutions ITW

Solutions ITW designs and implements point-of-sale solutions for Goodwill organizations across the country. They are uniquely positioned within their industry as the only software provider that works exclusively with Goodwill, and their Solutions DGR suite of products is unmatched in its ability to maximize operational efficiency for Goodwill retail stores.
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Legal Eagle

Legal Eagle has been a client since 2016, but they went all-in with Inbound Marketing in 2018. Over the next year, their traffic increased by 91%, including a 15% increase in organic traffic and a 50% increase in form submissions. The site was redesigned in 2019 to better support their brand and growth strategy.
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Go With Garrett’s

Go With Garrett’s has been the premier source for new and used golf carts in South Carolina for over 25 years. Garrett’s has deep roots in the region and this 2019 redesign conveys their emphasis on community and family. It also incorporates a web strategy designed to improve conversions and customer experience.
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Bluestein Attorneys

Bluestein Attorneys is rated among the top law firms in Columbia, SC. Bluestein is a long-time partner with us, but it was only recently that they opted to have us redesign their aging website. As part of the design strategy, we remapped all content to reduce the number of pages and improve the site structure. As a result, their conversion rates and total web-generated leads have improved considerably since the new website launched.
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ProActive Response Group

ProActive Response Group provides active shooter defense training for businesses, schools, and churches. From the beginning of our discovery process it became apparent that the value of ProActive's training is most effectively communicated visually. Everyone who sees their training in action is immediately impressed. Our solution involved a highly visual website design with a striking video as the centerpiece.
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Vista Developers

When we began working with Vista Developers several years ago, they had a nice looking responsive site with no real technical issues, but lagging conversion rates were demonstrating a serious problem with the site's conversion architecture and content mapping. We started this project with a full content mapping strategy and based our redesign around our two best performing campaigns. Within 3 months of launching the redesign, we saw a site-wide 90% increase in our conversion rate.
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CPC Floor Coatings

CPC Floor Coatings is a long-time client who needed a new website to reflect the growth that their business has enjoyed. We built their original site in 2015 when they were a brand-new division of the Carolina Painting Company, and since that time they've been extremely successful in becoming a premier floor specialist in the Southeast. Our strategy for the redesign prioritized remapping their content to account for the ways their business had evolved over the past 3 years and focusing more on their incredible work and processes.
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Perceptive Recruiting

Perceptive Recruiting specializes in efficiently filling highly-technical positions with a greater rate of success than the average recruiting agency. Perceptive had an under-performing web presence and no real digital strategies in place before coming to us. At the offset of our partnership with them, we were able to build this effective, scalable foundation for future digital marketing and sales strategies.
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Nason Accounting

Nason Accounting is a full-service certified public accounting firm based in Greenville, SC. This 2019 site redesign was completed to enhance the firm's credibility and better serve existing customers, while also attracting and converting more business clients.
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Five Star Construction

Five Star Construction is very much a family business, and they wanted their website redesign to reflect their dedication to the families they serve as well as the warmth of their own family. We were asked to place a special focus on Five Star's quality of work and on the communities in which they operate. The end result is a warm site that tells the story of a quality family owned and operated business.
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City of Newberry, SC

Newberry, SC was managing two websites - the official city site and a tourism site - and had a desire to combine the two into one. The primary objective of this new combined website was to attract new residents and businesses to the area. Navigation was the biggest challenge for this project because of the wide variety of personas the site needed to serve simultaneously.
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Center for Community Services

The Center for Community Services (CCS) is a multi-service center offering easy access to human services in Greenville County. We were happy to partner with this wonderful organization and enjoyed the unique challenge that this design posed. CCS offers many services and each of them is critical in its own way. We built a content and navigation strategy that focused on quickly communicating all of the services that CCS offers and exactly how to get the right help when you need it.
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