Karen León, Production Designer

I started at Waypost in 2021 as a marketing coordinator, but I’ve recently transitioned to a full-time production designer. My role is to assist our Creative Director in understanding client goals and implementing the creative design solutions needed to achieve them.

Because I started on the marketing side of things, I have a unique strategy-driven design perspective. I combine my marketing expertise with my artistic abilities to problem-solve and communicate ideas through visual design. I aspire to grow in the design field by creating quality work that leads to improved customer experiences.

At Waypost, we pride ourselves in being transparent with our clients; we manage their businesses like they’re our own. We each use our individual strengths to find the best possible method to help clients reach their goals in the most unique, practical, and honest way possible.

My favorite thing about working at Waypost is the togetherness. Working for Waypost doesn’t just mean you get to work for the best digital marketing agency out there (and yes, I really mean that). Working for Waypost means you get to work with a team that truly cares about your growth and success. Everyone at Waypost believes in helping each other succeed in order to help our clients reach their highest potential.

Outside of work I enjoy hiking, yoga, and traveling. I love anything that gives me adrenaline… especially if it involves heights! Spending time with family and friends is a big part of my life. I also have my cosmetology license, so I enjoy doing hair on the side.