Is your Sales team working in a silo?

It’s been our experience that many companies keep their Sales team detached from other departments. They make the calls, send the emails, close the deals, rinse and repeat.

If this is what’s happening in your business, how is that going for you? Is your Sales team closing deals that are aligned with the direction in which you want to grow your business? Are they empowered with collateral from your Marketing department to help nurture and close those ideal customers? Are their operations streamlined and efficient, or are they wasting resources using a hodgepodge of outdated tools? Are they an accurate reflection of your company and the relationships you want to build?

None of these questions are designed to cast aspersions on your Sales department; on the contrary, we believe so strongly in the importance of a strong working partnership between Sales and Marketing that we’ve added a service offering to our retainer clients which we call “Sales Enablement.”

What Does ‘Sales Enablement’ Mean?

When we talk about Sales Enablement, we’re talking about working with your Salespeople to empower them to close better deals at a higher velocity by supporting them with technology, processes, and content. We believe this is an important part of the Marketing department’s role — to support the Sales team’s goals.

This means we would take a look at:

  • The quality of the leads being passed to Sales from Marketing — if Marketing is passing unqualified leads, Sales is wasting their time and energy trying to close uncloseable deals.
  • How much time is being wasted on repetitive tasks — there is technology that can automate some of these as well as give Sales valuable insight into the leads they’re currently working, helping them make the right contact at the right time.
  • How leads are being tracked and managed — if your Sales team is still using spreadsheets rather than a CRM to manage leads, they’re really being hamstrung. Conversely, we also find that sometimes a company has bought a big, expensive CRM that is so robust that the Salespeople either won’t use it because it’s too complicated, or the company is paying for features they don’t need or use.
  • What kind of collateral does Sales have access to — does your Sales team need a collection of Case Studies to send to warm leads looking to see if you’re the right fit? Do they have easy access to the data that can help them push a lead to close?
  • Overall goals and strategy — is your Sales team overwhelmed and spinning their wheels because they have too many goals, everything seems important, and they don’t know what to focus on first?

How Waypost Can Help?

By sitting down with your Sales team and listening to them talk about their processes, we inevitably run across a great deal of frustration. Sales is a tough job — and a vital one! There is much that we can do to alleviate your Sales team’s frustration, streamline their operations by fitting you with the right technology for your needs, automate their processes, and empower them to be successful in achieving your company’s business goals.

Waypost offers the following Sales Enablement and Support Services:

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We love these guys. They are responsive, professional, and extremely good at digital marketing.

We began working with Waypost almost a year ago (early 2020) and have been extremely happy since. They have been involved in coordinating our SEO efforts as well as email marketing and Google Adword campaigns. They have also helped with overall graphics and design for proposals, marketing materials, and website pages. Complete and talented team. 5 Stars.

—Henry Moore, President & Founder of REsimplifi, Inc.

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