How do you build a brand?

Building a great brand relies on two principles:

  1. Know your brand purpose.
  2. Infuse that brand purpose into every aspect of your business.

Effective and successful brand development always begins with purpose. Your brand’s purpose is why you get up every day and provide the good or service your company offers. 66% of US consumers prefer to engage with brands with an aligned brand purpose (World Economic Forum). In other words, your customers want to know you and why you are here.

Find your "WHY"

Brand purpose development with Waypost begins with finding your company’s “why.”

Why does your company exist? Does what you do matter? Our brand purpose exercises are extensive, candid processes designed to determine your company’s strengths, weaknesses, and aspirations. We break down brand purpose development into three phases: Articulation, Infusion, and Amplification.
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The brands that will thrive in the coming years are the ones that have a purpose beyond profit.

— Richard Branson


In the Articulation Phase, we work to highlight misaligned company values, identify areas of growth potential, and build a custom brand purpose strategy to realign every part of your brand toward a unified purpose.

Some of the questions asked during this stage of the brand purpose development process can be challenging to answer and often elicit strong feelings. But this transparency and candor will ultimately lead to a more authentic brand purpose and growth-driven results.

Once your “why” is determined, we’ll help you craft a unique brand purpose statement. We will help you articulate that statement by establishing a brand voice and brand positioning, and document your company’s mission, vision, and values. You’re then equipped to use the resulting documentation in all of your future marketing, sales, PR, and internal growth strategies.


In the Infusion Phase, your purpose statement becomes the compass that guides all business decisions.

This is the stage where you craft your website, brand identity, content, and consumer interactions to align with your newly defined brand purpose. Infusion ensures that your brand resonates with your audiencedriven by leadership, grounded in culture, substantiated across the board, and measured for impact.

During this stage, we may recommend establishing a new company culture code. A company's culture defines employee behavior, collaboration, and performance. However, when developed without intention, the company culture is at risk of becoming misaligned and dysfunctional over time.

Our 4-phase approach to creating a company culture code (based on our own cultural evolution) includes:

  1. Values Discovery: Uncover core values through executive interviews and employee focus groups.
  2. Current State Analysis: Identify gaps between real experiences and ideal culture.
  3. Defining Ideal Behaviors: Outline values-driven actions and set expectations.
  4. Implementation Plan: Strategically integrate the Code, educate through workshops, and lead by example.

An inspiring company culture code heals dysfunction, attracts values-aligned talent, and unites teams under a shared purpose.


Amplification is the final step in the brand purpose development process. Amplification extends your purpose beyond your company.

This phase turns your purpose statement into a movement by inspiring, collaborating, and fostering meaningful conversations with your teams, prospects, and existing clients.

There are three critical drivers for Amplification:

  1. Be inspirational. Be a role model in your industry.
  2. Be collaborative. Work with companies who share your values and mission.
  3. Fuel the conversation. Don’t be afraid to take a stand.

By amplifying your purpose-driven messaging, you not only attract customers who align with your values but also contribute to a larger positive impact on society.

89% of shoppers stay loyal to brands that share their values (Nerdwallet). Are you emphasizing your core values to amplify your brand? When you craft a brand purpose that captures an audience whose core values align with yours, they’ll become repeat customers.

Let's build your brand together.

If you’re ready to experience powerful growth fueled by a purpose-driven brand, reach out to us today.

Our strategists and creative experts are ready to help you find your “why” and build an impactful visual identity for your company. Give us a call at (864) 288-6162 or contact us online to learn more about how our Brand Purpose exercises can help you grow your business.