Create a Clear, Cohesive Visual Identity

Establishing a clear, immediate understanding of your brand requires a strategic visual identity. To visually brand your company, Waypost develops a comprehensive Brand Style Guide with instructions that are ready to be used in all of your brand strategies in order to maintain visual brand consistency and cohesive tone.

We take three steps when creating your brand identity package:

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Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business.

Steve Forbes

Research & Define

When initiating the brand development process, we recommend starting with Brand Purpose and Brand Positioning.

These exercises include in-depth research that will help shape your brand identity, including understanding your audience’s pain points and defining what differentiates you from competitors.

We’ll help you develop a unique value proposition, craft a clear purpose statement that reflects your vision, and develop a distinct brand personality with a consistent tone of voice for a well-rounded identity.

Create a Visual Identity

When you partner with Waypost for brand identity development, we generate a comprehensive Brand Style Guide that aligns with your brand personality and informs your company and any future partners on how to maintain brand consistency across all marketing platforms. Your Brand Style Guide will be completely customized to your unique business needs but could include:

  • Logo Development: While not the sole component of your brand, your logo plays a pivotal role in company branding. It's the single most recognizable aspect of your brand. Your logo will be seen on your website, business cards, ads, collateral, and more.
  • Color Palette: Crafting a balanced color palette enhances your brand identity, offering versatility for unique designs while adhering to your brand's essence. It’s important to remember that different colors carry different emotional symbolism.
  • Typography: We’ll help you select brand fonts that complement each other while accurately reflecting the tone of your business. It’s good to be creative with typography, but you should also be cautious – trendy fonts might not suit your business.
  • Marketing Collateral: This includes any digital or printed material used to communicate or promote your company’s brand message, products, or services. We'll help you decide what collateral is right for your company based on your audience and growth goals.

Design Supporting Brand Assets

Crafting a captivating visual identity is pivotal for effective brand communication.

Start with a distinctive logo that embodies your brand's essence. Elevate your identity with a balanced color palette and typography that reflects who you are. After you’ve established these three initial components, remember that cohesive design and brand consistency across touchpoints boosts brand recognition.

  • Brand tone and voice guidelines for content generation
  • Easy-to-understand logo usage guidelines
  • Photography guidelines
  • Graphic elements such as icons, patterns, taglines, etc.
  • Stationery suite (including business cards, letterheads, envelopes, etc.)
  • Marketing collateral (including brochures, posters, flyers, etc.)
  • Website assets (custom web graphics, HubSpot modules and themes, etc.)
  • Social media assets (including profile pictures, cover images, post templates, etc.)
  • Email templates
  • Advertising templates
  • Branded apparel and merchandise
  • And more!

Let's build your visual identity.

If you’re ready to experience how powerful a cohesive, visually stunning brand can be, reach out to us today.

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