Entering into any new partnership can cause a bit of trepidation.

If you’ve worked with a digital marketing agency before and had your expectations disappointed, that may have been because your 2 organizations weren’t a good fit for one another, or it may have been because they didn’t give you a good understanding of their process.

If you’re reading through our material and thinking that we sound like a good fit, we’d like to give you a thorough understanding of how we work.

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As our business is involved in industrial automation and equipment to manufacture carbon fiber composites, we were somewhat skeptical to outsource our digital marketing needs with the fear that a third party would be unable to understand our business.

However, with the ever changing algorithm of search engines and the internet, digital marketing and search engine optimization would have been a major challenge for us to take on in-house. Waypost delivered on both of these points, by diligently learning our industry and applying their digital expertise to drive potential customers to our website. We now consider them as an important marketing partner for our future growth.

—Ryutaro Izumi, Izumi International


Strategy is at the heart of every single thing we do at Waypost.

We don’t so much as write a social media post without comparing its tone and messaging with our predetermined strategy documents and asking, “What is the objective of this?”

In order to be able to create those underlying strategies, we have to do an enormous amount of work at the beginning of our engagement, which we call a Discovery Project.

A Discovery Project is often (but not always) a standalone project where we dig deep into:

  • How your business works
  • What your goals are
  • Who your market is and how to reach them
  • What your current assets include
  • How you’re currently positioned in your market
  • What your competitors are doing
  • and most importantly, what your story is

With these answers, we can determine what your tone, positioning, and messaging need to be. Deliverables from this project include things like Buyer Personas, Positioning Report, maybe a Brand Guideline, and some Competitor Analyses. Exact deliverables are determined by need.

With these guiding documents in hand, we can begin to create a Website Strategy and a Marketing Strategy.

This Discovery Project represents anywhere from 30-60 hours’ worth of work, but more importantly, it represents a significant investment on our part into your business’ success. If you decide to move forward with us, we’ve built an excellent foundation for future activities.

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Website Strategy

Your website has the potential to be your top Salesperson, but so often, we see this opportunity wasted. People mistake modern design for a site that converts casual visitors into warm leads. It’s easy to throw a template up that looks nice but doesn’t actually say anything impactful or rank well on search engines.

For this reason, every website that we create at Waypost is designed with conversion in mind. We determine what the conversion points should be and build the Sales funnels right into the design. Each page has an objective, has primary keywords, and is written in collaboration with design so that it flows from top to bottom, educating the user and nurturing them right through the Sales funnel.

Even if we don’t engage with you to do a redesign on a website, if we’re getting involved with your marketing activities, we’re going to take a look at the site and make some recommendations. There’s no point driving traffic to a site that doesn’t convert.

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Marketing Strategy

Once we’ve determined your primary personas and how to reach them, we can build on-going marketing strategies. By knowing your markets' challenges, their needs, and their common questions and objections, we can start to create content that will answer those questions, meet those needs, suggest solutions for the challenges, and overcome objections. By the time your user is ready to contact you, much of the legwork has already been done for your Salespeople.

Conversions don’t have to be limited to the bottom of the funnel, though, i.e. when they’re ready to buy. If your product or service has a long decision-making process (or lots of decision-makers), you will be well-served to create some middle-of-the-funnel content to help nurture the process in the direction you want them to go. This content will serve to educate your user about how the type of solution that you offer is the best one to solve the problem they’re facing, rather than necessarily convincing them that you’re the better vendor than your competitor.

Our marketing strategies encompass all stages of the Buyer’s Journey — Awareness, Consideration, and Decision so that ultimately, your marketing is operating as a well-oiled machine to generate as many leads as possible.

90-Day Sprints

At Waypost, we work in 90-day sprints. Back in 2016, we read the book Traction and thought it was brilliant. We implemented the EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) and it has been the best thing we could have done for our company.

If you’re not familiar with this system, one of the core tenets is this idea of working 90 days at a time. That is a long-enough time to be able to tackle some big goals or projects, but it’s not so long that you tend to burn out or lose momentum.

We brought that philosophy to our marketing work for our clients. Every 90 days, we create a new quarterly strategy. We identify the high-level objectives for that quarter — things that are big enough to be real wins, to indicate if we’re moving the needle in the right direction, but still small enough that we can actually get the work done in the time allotted. For this reason, we don’t sell our work by the hour. We sell our work by the objective met.

Partner with Waypost.

If you’ve determined that we might be a good fit for your business and the way that we work resonates with you, it’s time to talk. Give us a call at (864) 288-6162 or request a consultation online to discuss your current marketing challenges..