Video marketing and production services that generate leads and drive revenue.

Video content is a tool like no other. Consumers prefer it. Platforms prioritize it. So why do so many businesses continue to ignore it?

We already know the answer because we’ve heard it so much before. Video is too expensive to produce and too disruptive in the office. We can help you solve these issues. In the past several years of helping smaller businesses adopt video into their marketing strategies, we’ve developed a customized coaching and strategy program designed to teach you the most effective ways to adopt video for your business.

If you need professional video production services, we work with some of the best professionals in our region to deliver the highest quality results for our clients. But once you have that video content, you need to understand just how valuable it can be. Video marketing isn’t just about making video — it’s about using video effectively.

Using Video with Marketing Automation Ebook

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Integrate video with your marketing automation.

Use video to generate leads.

In our own marketing, video is 5x more likely to generate a lead compared with any other content format we’ve tested. The tools that we use to generate these leads come from our partner platform, Wistia, and their amazing integration with our own marketing platform, HubSpot.

Nurture leads with video.

You should already be tracking your leads as they progress from the awareness stage, through the consideration and decision stages of the buyer’s journey; but having the data and using the data are two different stories. Video is incredibly effective at converting, so why not deliver stage-specific video content directly to those leads as they progress?

Use video engagement as a lead scoring metric.

Video data is some of the richest contextual data you can get, so it’s critical that you consider video activity as you score leads. With the right tools, you can pass video activity directly through your HubSpot CRM to your sales team and use it to qualify leads. You can also use this same data to determine the types of video content that drive sales qualified engagement.

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