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Inbound Marketing pulls people in when they're ready.

Marketing gets a bad rap. There are many things out there that call themselves marketing that are a far cry from what we do.

There is traditional marketing which typically involves cold-calling, commercials, etc., which all carry varying degrees of obtrusiveness. You can think of traditional marketing as a push strategy: advertising is pushed out to the world at large in the hopes that someone will see it and spend money. And with traditional marketing, it can be hard to justify to the accountants why your marketing budget is so “high” because the results can be difficult to demonstrate.

Inbound Marketing, on the other hand, is the difference between a push strategy and a pull strategy. Very simply, Inbound Marketing starts with attracting your ideal customer to your website. You put your advertising out on digital media, and when someone has a problem you can solve, your advertising gets in front of them.

Inbound Marketing focuses on people who have a problem you can solve. It doesn’t waste time and energy marketing to everyone and hoping that someone out there needs your solution. And more importantly, the return on your investment is extremely demonstrable.

The cornerstone of any successful inbound marketing strategy is content, and content is getting complicated.


The near-unanimous opinion among brand marketers is that there’s too much content on the web. Many of our peers are selling content creation services that focus on adding to the noise, not cutting through it. It’s still true that content creation is the single most important factor in an effective inbound marketing strategy, but now more than ever platform and medium matter. It’s not about creating the most content, you have to create content that will be found, and as we are inundated more and more each day, the bar continues to be set higher and higher.

Apart from an increased need for intelligent, creative, and targeted content creation, we also see significant changes to how people navigate this ocean of information. The mass-adoption of voice search, virtual assistants, and AI is creating a more centralized internet where users aren’t expected to navigate anywhere to get the information they want. They just have to ask.

You need an Inbound Marketing Agency because you need good content, which takes work to produce and expertise to distribute effectively. We don’t know too many successful CEOs who have time to do the research, produce the content, analyze the data, and stay on top of the trends. Every marketing director we’ve worked with is already stretched too thin.

Also, you need an Inbound Marketing Agency to provide constant perspective. If you’re really attached to the work you’ve done, it can be hard to admit that it’s just not working—not generating leads, not building engagement, not selling your solutions. If your bottom line is being hit hard because your strategy just isn’t effective, you need someone with some expertise to look at what you’re doing and give you an honest evaluation.

Content Creation

A successful inbound marketing strategy requires hard work.

Partner with a team of experts who take your success personally.

A Team on Your Side

What you need is a full-blown marketing department. However, if the most you can really afford is a Marketing Manager, then you need Waypost.

With Waypost, you will get a whole team of people developing a cohesive strategy, executing it, analyzing it, and improving it for about the same thing you would pay one qualified marketing professional.

In addition, at Waypost, we take the success of your business personally. We know that no two businesses are exactly alike, even if they are within the same industry. You have different growth goals, different personas, different markets, etc. You need an agency that will listen to those details and then provide you with a strategy based on elements you need—not just elements they want to sell.

Finally, at Waypost, we have demonstrated years of successful digital marketing strategies for a variety of clients across several different verticals. We have a team of talented and experienced people who know how to get results. Your success is our success!

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