Buyers have been rewired. Are you still reaching them?

If you’re interested in learning why we do what we do here at Waypost, it’s important to understand that there has been a fundamental shift in the way people make purchasing decisions over the last 10 years.

Old-school, hard-nosed sales tactics rarely work anymore. People don’t wish to be imposed upon to hear a sales speech, and with all of the world’s information so readily available through the internet, they can find out everything that a salesperson would say to them, as well as all of the counterarguments, PLUS what other people think of the product or service in question—and they can do this faster than you can finish your spiel.


While we have a whole blog post dedicated to explaining the New Buyer Mentality, in a nutshell what has happened is that for awhile, companies blasted advertising at the general public, but they remained faceless corporations behind metaphorical megaphones. Over the years, consumers became increasingly desensitized to this style of advertising, and increasingly dissatisfied with the lack of personal service involved in their interactions with these companies. With the advent of social media, people have become incredibly intolerant of the old way of advertising—and very vocal about it. We expect to be able to research every single buying decision, we expect to be able to tweet at a company about our experience with them, we expect for a representative from that company to tweet back at us, and we expect to be able to communicate with other users of that company’s product or service in order to discuss our satisfaction level and experiences.

The New Buyer Mentality

Introducing the New Buyer’s Journey.

It looks something like this:

The Zero Moment of Truth
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So consumers have been rewired. Smart companies must recognize this and figure out how to leverage it. The way to go about doing that is to give consumers what they want.

Seems simple enough, but how does a company do that? What do these consumers want? Well, you start out by anticipating their needs. The consumer has a problem. The consumer will go online to find some information about their problem and learn about potential solutions. This is the “Zero Moment of Truth.” The consumer will then decide the solution that sounds best to them and choose a provider of that solution.

The key takeaway here is that the consumer is looking for information. Anticipating that need for information and putting that helpful information in the consumer’s path is the key to selling to this New Buyer Mentality. You have to capture that Zero Moment of Truth!

A successful inbound marketing strategy embraces the Zero Moment of Truth.

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