Solutions ITW Case Study

Solutions ITW is the premiere point-of-sale systems provider for Goodwill stores.

Their technologies are revolutionizing how Goodwill does business as a donated goods retailer.

Solutions ITW has been helping Goodwills implement point-of-sale and donation management solutions since 2006. Initially, Solutions took the same approach as their competitors — customizing off-the-shelf POS solutions to meet the unique needs of their donated goods retail (DGR) clients. It didn’t take long for them to realize that no two Goodwills are exactly the same, and what their clients needed was a POS and inventory management system that was designed from the ground up specifically for Goodwill.

Today, not only is Solutions DGR one of the most utilized DGR management systems among Goodwill stores, it remains the only product available on the market that is built specifically and exclusively for Goodwill.

As with all of our clients, our relationship with Solutions ITW began with an intense discovery exercise.

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Project Discovery

It was very important to both sides that our team fully understand the mission of Solutions ITW (as well as the mission and operations of their clients — Goodwill).

A large part of that discovery exercise was a complete brand strategy to establish a strong public presence for Solutions DGR and a concise and compelling commitment to Goodwill organizations specifically.

In addition, our discovery process for Solutions ITW extended well beyond marketing in order to address their need for improved sales processes.

Sales Coaching & CRM Implementation

Solutions ITW had already been using HubSpot CRM for a short time before engaging with Waypost, but they were failing to gain traction with the tool, and their sales team was struggling to keep up with managing their sales pineline. Within the first 90 days, we assisted the client with the following:

  • Optimized HubSpot's CRM, including the addition of custom fields.
  • Integrated Gmail with the CRM to allow for automated posting of email conversations with each contact within the CRM.
  • Trained the client on how to properly use Tasks and Meetings to manage timely follow-up.
  • Defined the sales process and customized a Deal Pipeline and Lifecycle Stages to match the processes.
  • Developed a series of email templates focused on the most common situations. These templates improved sales efficiency in following up with prospects.
  • Trained and coached the client on the use of SOAPBOX for personalized video communication with prospects.

Website Redesign & Brand Revitalization

In the same 90 days that we were revising Solutions ITW’s sales processes, our design team developed and launched a completely rebranded website and online presence for Solutions DGR.

While we all understood that the website would never be their primary source of new leads, our team took it as a challenge that Solutions ITW did not believe that their website would ever convert a single organic lead.

Our strategic positioning and communications paid off when the website converted its first quality organic lead a few months after launching. This was the first time Solutions ITW had ever generated a lead without initiating the conversation.

SITW website


As a result of these strategies and a strong strategic partnership with Waypost, Solutions ITW achieved their ambitious goal of doubling their market share in our first 12 months together. In addition, Solutions DGR continues to lead their competitors by a wide margin in innovation and commitment to Goodwill organizations.



Market Share

Solutions ITW doubled their market share from 7% to 14% in their first year partnering with us.


Client Retention

We helped Solutions ITW achieve their goal of maintaining 100% client retention in their first year with us.


From the Client


Dr. Joseph Bartosch

Broad Insights

I find it very difficult to find marketing agencies that can strategically and culturally align with my clients. Most seem more effective at taking money from my clients than they are at making money for my clients. I have found Waypost to be exceptional. Waypost's team has endeavored to align with my client's team strategically and culturally, and their price point is reasonable. It's good to work with a professional agency that so effectively enhances my client's brand. I recommend them, especially if you're using HubSpot.



Elias Bustos

Solutions ITW

The first thing [Waypost] did was talk to me about my clients... about how I wanted to communicate to those I had and how I wanted to communicate to those I wanted to reach. As a result we’ve been able to put together a strategy and a communication plan that has been extremely effective in getting us new business.


Solutions ITW is an amazing company, but they aren’t our only success story.

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