Polydeck: Innovating Global Mining Operations with Advanced Screening Media

Project Overview

Polydeck is a leading manufacturer of cutting-edge screening media for industrial screening machines, specializing in solutions for mining operations worldwide.

Their innovative injection-molded modular panels offer a flexible alternative to traditional woven wire mesh media, enhancing throughput, efficiency, and safety. 

Based in Spartanburg, SC, Polydeck boasts a headquarters spanning approximately 200,000 square feet of manufacturing space. Beyond their state-of-the-art products, Polydeck's ethos is deeply rooted in Christian values, fostering a stable and cohesive culture aligned with their mission and vision.

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In this digital era,
manufacturers must adapt their digital marketing tactics
to harmoniously complement traditional marketing tactics.

Waypost's Collaborative Efforts with Polydeck

Driven by ambition to enhance outcomes, together we outlined three primary objectives for our collaboration:


Improve Lead Measurement & ROI Visibility

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Centralize Resources for Better Marketing-Sales Alignment

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Improve Omnichannel Marketing Capabilities to Fit Complex B2B Environments

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The Results: Shared Values, Shared Success

The journey of building trust between Waypost and Polydeck

When Polydeck approached Waypost, their previous experience with a marketing agency had left them skeptical and hesitant about taking another leap of faith. Establishing trust was paramount, as it forms the bedrock of any fruitful agency-client relationship. 

From the outset of our collaboration, it quickly became evident that our organizational culture and values were closely aligned with Polydeck's. This shared alignment facilitated a smooth transition into our partnership, knowing that our mindsets, work ethics, and respect for each other and our teams were coordinated. 

To foster trust, we emphasized our commitment to complete transparency, granting Polydeck unrestricted access to their accounts and data dashboards. We empowered them with knowledge, ensuring they were confident in their decision to partner with us by understanding our processes and assuring them of data security. These efforts solidified their trust and confidence, laying a robust foundation for a successful, long-term marketing partnership.

Creating a Marketing Roadmap through a Comprehensive Discovery Project

At Waypost, we like to start our work with new clients by conducting a thorough Discovery Project. In this process, we delved deep into Polydeck’s mindset, values, target audiences, market positioning, unique tone, messaging, and key selling points. Armed with this rich data, we developed a tailored marketing strategy for Polydeck, addressing their specific needs across various fronts, from Google campaigns and omnichannel digital initiatives to trade show support and marketing software synchronization.

For Polydeck, this discovery process was particularly essential, as a well-crafted roadmap was crucial not only for achieving marketing success but also for instilling trust and confidence in our collaboration.

Streamlining Data Synchronization for Accurate Attribution

One of the key challenges Polydeck faced was the poor integration between their marketing (HubSpot) and sales (Salesforce) technology stacks. This resulted in sync discrepancies, causing problems with accurate attribution of leads and conversions.

We began by identifying syncing errors and educating about the integration process. Following multiple meetings to understand Polydeck's needs and sales processes, we have continuously addressed the syncing errors in line with an informed integration strategy. Leveraging our HubSpot consulting expertise, we are actively optimizing the alignment between their marketing and sales tech stacks, benefiting both the teams and clients.

The Benefits

Polydeck experienced immediate benefits across multiple fronts.

Regained Ownership

Polydeck gained full ownership of their Google Ads accounts, with unfettered access to real-time data boards for transparent campaign management and ROI monitoring.

Integration Consulting

We identified all current syncing errors within HubSpot and Salesforce. With continued consulting with Polydeck’s IT department, the developed strategy is in progress to address all errors and contact mapping properties.

Marketing Support

Waypost assisted in executing comprehensive omnichannel digital and physical marketing efforts, ensuring a cohesive and impactful presence across various touchpoints.

Renewed Confidence & Trust

Through our transparent approach and quality outcomes, Polydeck regained confidence and trust in the process, paving the way for new marketing projects.
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Initially, Waypost Marketing performed marketing, website, and demographic audits for us. From there, we talked about the projects we’d do together. So far, Waypost Marketing has built our customer profile and executed our Google PPC strategy to drive traffic to our website. They’ve also created a social media campaign and assets for us to drive traffic to our trade show landing page; we’re promoting attendance at a trade show. They run this campaign on LinkedIn. We’re also about to start a website redesign project.

The quality of Waypost Marketing’s work is fantastic; they’ve definitely met our expectations.

Harison Han, Senior Marketing Specialist at Polydeck


What We Learned


Danielle Tebo

Marketing Strategist

Our collaboration with Polydeck has provided invaluable insights into the critical necessity of aligning marketing and sales to drive precise attribution and campaign success. Our partnership has highlighted the significance of transparency and shared values as the cornerstones of trust, resulting in impactful and measurable outcomes in our marketing endeavors. This collaboration has underscored the value of tailoring our approach to address specific business challenges. From the initial Discovery process, observing how our partnership has evolved into a new website redesign and ongoing marketing initiatives has been remarkable. I am genuinely excited about the journey ahead and the new heights our partnership will reach together.

Polydeck found a trustworthy, like-minded marketing partner they can rely on.

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