Communicate Your Value & Enhance Brand Recognition

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, distinct brand positioning is essential to stand out, attract ideal customers, instill your unique brand personality, and grow your business.

Our strategic Brand Positioning process helps you define and communicate your unique value and positioning in three stages:

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Acquiring new customers is crucial for any business, but building and retaining strong relationships with existing customers through your brand is what will truly future-proof your business.

Denver Burke, Head of Insights and Demand Generation at Fuelius

Discovery & Research

All of our strategy development processes at Waypost begin with an intense process of Discovery, and that applies to brand positioning development as well. During this process, we conduct the following research:

  • Competitor Positioning Analysis: We thoroughly analyze how your competitors are positioning themselves online through their messaging, content strategy, SEO, and overall digital presence.
  • Buyer Persona Development: We work closely with you to define your ideal target customers, their needs, and their motivations.
  • Brand Audit: We examine your existing brand identity, brand essence, mission and values, and review all current brand collateral and assets for alignment.

Brand Strategy Development

During brand strategy development, we start the process of building out your full brand positioning framework. We pinpoint your differentiated strengths and most compelling offerings for customers by:

  • Conducting Positioning Interviews: We hold one-on-one sessions with leadership and a broad spectrum of employees to determine your current alignment status.
  • Creating a Brand Essence Chart: We use the information gathered in the positioning interviews to craft a brand essence chart that highlights your brand attributes and benefits, brand personality, and your source of authority.
  • Identifying Your Unique Value Proposition: After comparing your brand to what we uncovered in the competitor analysis, we determine what makes your brand unique in your target market.

Positioning Statement Articulation

Connecting with your prospects on a human level before going in for the hard sell builds trust and helps your future clients have a more positive experience with your company's brand. We help you better connect with your clients by:

  • Developing Your Brand Tone: We define the desired tone, personality, and feelings you want target customers to experience when interacting with your brand across all touchpoints.
  • Building a Brand Messaging Framework: We identify your brand pillars focused on your competitive advantage and audience desires. Our framework uses a top-down approach, starting with the big idea and ending with sample touchpoints that you can use in tactical instances like social media captions, headlines for blog articles, and advertising copy. This framework includes things like your Value Proposition Statement, your Elevator Pitch, and your Mission Statement.
  • Developing a Positioning Statement: We synthesize research into a succinct statement conveying your distinct brand promise.

A strong, well-articulated brand makes all the difference when entering or competing in any market.

A unique brand positioning strategy is critical to making a statement, getting (and keeping) your target audience's attention, and successfully growing your brand.

With effective brand positioning that is reflected in all your marketing endeavors, you actively impact how your brand is perceived, ultimately contributing to strong brand recognition. 

It’s important to remember that your employees are your company's most valuable ambassadors. Brand positioning for your company should be leadership driven and clearly communicated at every level across all departments. Your prospects should receive an experience that embodies the core values of your company and aligns with the company's brand at every touchpoint.

Let's build your brand together.

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