Shelly Salomon, Marketing Communications Specialist

Though I’ve been in marketing for three years, this is my first role in an agency setting. Waypost is a very dynamic work environment, and I look forward to ongoing collaboration, creativity stimulation, and overcoming professional challenges with this team of experts. The opportunity to learn something new every day drives me to excel at my work—for the benefit of Waypost, clients, and myself.

Working at Waypost means demonstrating professionalism and integrity to the highest standards, sticking by the company’s values, and actively observing honesty and transparency.

My favorite thing about Waypost so far is the powerful organizational culture. From the first minute you set your foot at the door, the fantastic team sees you as equal and makes you feel at home. You can tell their office culture is taken seriously; it’s not just empty words.

Outside of work, salsa dancing is my therapy and remedy for everything! I also enjoy spending time with my family and friends, hiking, swimming, and “nerd” stuff like sudoku, crossword puzzles, and learning foreign languages (I already speak four!).