Meet Danielle Tebo

Danielle Tebo, Digital Marketing Manager

My primary role at Waypost is Office Karaoke Lead. My secondary role (and the one I take more seriously) is Digital Marketing Manager. In this role, I work to support the strategists, the design and development team, and our media outreach specialist with timelines, project needs and customer service. In addition, to supporting them, I serve as project manager for several accounts and help develop and implement their marketing strategies.

I started at Waypost in 2014. Since then, my goal has always been to bring a smile to work and to put my best foot forward. Waypost is a company that has our clients’ best interests at heart. We work hard to ensure that we hit our deadlines, provide the customer support our clients need, and deliver quality work that helps our clients’ businesses excel.

My favorite thing about working at Waypost is the community. I love the family we have built here. It’s great when you love the work you do but it’s even better when you love the people you work with! Outside of work, I love camping, hiking, kayaking, traveling, and making memories with my family. I’m up for any new adventure!

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