Erin Durham, Vice President

I joined the Waypost family in 2011—before it was even Waypost, in fact. It’s been such a privilege to be part of the evolution of this company over the years.

Since 2016, I have served as Integrator and Executioner… er, EXECUTOR of Waypost operations. I support [and balance out] our President as he leads our company, and I support our Operations team, herding all the creative personalities toward the right objectives.

I also specialize in Discovery and work to create the kinds of foundations that set us all up for success. Clients can sometimes have a hard time articulating what makes their businesses so special once you get them past their elevator pitches. I have a knack for asking the kind of penetrating questions that reveal their passion for the meaningful work that they do. They frequently feel like it’s word salad that doesn’t make sense, but I hammer it into a framework that gives the wonderful creative people on our team what they need to create really great marketing strategies that are based on actual organizational objectives. My favorite thing to hear after a Discovery presentation is “Wow, you really listened.” That means I got it right, and that’s how we build great relationships.

Furthermore, I feel a deep sense of ownership around the culture that we have achieved here at Waypost. It is truly fantastic, but it didn’t happen overnight. It took a long time and a lot of mistakes to finally get it right. I worked closely with Michelle Griggs in 2021 to dive deep into what it means to be a trustworthy marketer, and together we used what we learned to craft a culture code that empowers us to practice building and maintaining trust as individuals and as a company. I am fiercely proud of this work.

Outside of work I’m usually to be found reading with a cat in my lap, watching something nerdy (also with a cat in my lap), screaming in the stands at a marching band competition (go Rebel Regiment!), or screaming in the bleachers at a basketball game (go Lady Broncos!). Additionally, I have really great friends that I spend a lot of time with, most of whom are named Mi/achelle.