Larisa Aslanyan, Demand Generation Analyst

I’m the Demand Generation Analyst / PPC Specialist here at Waypost. I manage paid ads on Google and Microsoft (Bing), and I plan and implement PR activities like press release distribution, earned media outreach, backlink profile building, and so on. I am also in charge of conversion tracking on our websites using data and analytics tools. I’ve been with Waypost since 2016, but I started writing content and getting active in digital marketing when I was just 18.

A couple years ago, Waypost started looking deeper into analytics and realized that there was so much more information we could be tracking for our clients. We believe in marketing that is based on evidence rather than hunches and guesses. So, we reevaluated our analytics culture and introduced more thorough tracking processes across multiple channels and tools.

I like to think of Waypost as the perfect ally to our clients in their mission to grow their businesses. We stay in the background but power well-planned and on-target strategies and campaigns that help our clients close their deals. With every campaign or account I have worked on at Waypost, the client’s business was always the centerpiece. It’s this authenticity of culture and approach that I have always admired about Waypost. Waypost maintains a high level of transparency with regard to its employees and its clients. I can always rely on my agency, and that’s a big advantage that unfortunately not every marketer enjoys.

Working for Waypost has allowed me to experience and collect precious moments and memories from one of my life passions—traveling. Waypost allows me to work remotely, so I have the luxury of showing up at an airport with nothing more than a backpack and a laptop, traveling to countries I’ve always dreamed of seeing. I intend never to stop traveling, and I hope Waypost will always come with me in my backpack, wherever we decide to go next.