Helping Grove Ozment Start Their Digital Journey

Project Overview

A start-up criminal defense and employment law firm based in South Carolina recognized the pressing need to establish a strong digital presence. Acknowledging the competitive landscape and their need to build a digital presence from the ground up, the firm aimed not only to catch up with industry standards but also to build and consistently improve its sources of quality lead generation. The firm required new tools capable of servicing their sales funnel and contributing value to their financial outcomes. To achieve this, they engaged with Waypost Marketing, a team known for its expertise in comprehensive digital marketing and PPC ad strategies.

Challenge #1: Digital Inception

The law firm was at the early stages of its digital marketing activities and lacked a substantial online presence.

This drawback created a significant gap in reaching potential clients actively seeking legal representation.

Challenge #2: Quality Lead Generation

The firm intended to launch Google Ads campaigns to continually replenish their lead pipeline until its organic results and SEO efforts would catch up.

Beyond adding yet another source for potential clients, the firm prioritized the need for high-quality leads. These leads had to be closely aligned with the firm's expertise, ensuring a higher likelihood of revenue.

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Generated leads had to be closely aligned with the firm's expertise, ensuring a higher likelihood of conversion and return on investment.

Waypost Marketing's Approach

We took a three-pronged approach to solving Grove Ozment's unique challenges:


Strategic Consultation

Waypost initiated the project with extensive consultations, aiming to understand the unique selling points of the law firm, its target audience, their buying journey, and specific business goals. This laid the foundation for a customized Google Ads strategy.


High-Intent Keywords

Based on the initial consultations, we crafted a list of highly commercial and transactional keywords, aimed at serving the bottom of the funnel. Additionally, an extensive negative keyword list was compiled to ensure minimal ad budget waste.


Responsive Search Ads

We decided to launch a Search Campaign equipped with the most relevant responsive and automatic features to best meet the keyword demand. 

In August 2021, we launched “Employment Law” and “Criminal Defense” Google Ads campaigns targeting South Carolina.

The Results

This case study showcases the results achieved by Google Ads in the span of two years, from August 2021 to July 2023.

Quarter 1 vs Quarter 2

Within the first quarter of launching Google Ads, the account recorded a 5.33% conversion rate, a 5.33% CTR, and 25 conversions through phone calls and form submissions.

These numbers were further increased in Quarter 2, when the conversion rate grew to reach the account average rate of 12.63%, and the account generated almost double the amount of conversions.



through phone calls and form submissions.

Q1 Conversion Rate

in the first three months of launching Google Ads.

Q2 Conversion Rate

and almost double the amount of conversions.

Year 1 vs Year 2

Year two was even more successful than year one, as we continuously optimized the account, the keywords, and the ad copy.

We improved CTR by +146.49% and conversion rate by  +21.57% in the second year, producing +23.04% more conversions than the first year. Cost per conversion was reduced by -16.45%.


Increase in Click Through Rate

in year two vs. year one.

Improvement in Conversion Rate

in the second year of ads.

Reduction in Cost per Conversion

in year two vs. year one.

First vs. Last Quarter

In the last quarter of Year 2, we achieved a +196.21% increase in the conversion rate and a +55.82% increase in CTR compared to the first quarter.

The law firm also generated +80.00% more conversions.



Increase in Click Through Rate

from August 2021 to July 2023.

Improvement in Conversion Rate

from August 2021 to July 2023.

More Conversions Generated

from August 2021 to July 2023.

Are you ready to partner with Waypost?

In collaboration with Waypost Marketing, the South Carolina law firm Grove Ozment successfully transitioned into the digital era, not only catching up with the competition but surpassing expectations in lead generation.

Placing an emphasis on quality leads that aligned with the firm's practice areas ensured a more efficient conversion process, marking a significant milestone in the firm's growth and visibility within the legal landscape.

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