Leadec: A Global Leader of Manufacturing Support

Project Overview

With over 60 years of experience, 350+ sites globally, and 23,000 employees spanning four continents, Leadec is a premier service provider for manufacturing companies.

With their extensive network and resources, Leadec delivers cutting-edge solutions that enhance productivity and drive innovation across the entire facility lifecycle. 

From its American Headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio, Leadec USA runs 37 US sites and hires over 2,100 local employees, serving significant American manufacturing corporations.

Combining the power of a global player with the personal support of a regional partner, the company provides clients with robust yet customized support that enables their manufacturing plants to operate smoothly, efficiently, and economically.

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Every marketing success is built on
a thoughtful strategy that considers your brand, your audience, and your goals.

Waypost's Collaborative Efforts with Leadec

Together, Waypost and Leadec USA established strategic objectives to increase brand awareness and recognition, generate leads from new target markets, and implement lead nurturing processes.


Establish Brand Awareness in Front of New Target Markets

Optimizing Leadec USA’s Most Powerful Sales Tool — The Website

A company's website is its most powerful sales tool. First, unlike a human salesperson, the website works 24/7/365. Also, as all marketing endeavors channel potential customers to the website, ensuring the website supported all audiences was necessary. For all these reasons, revisiting the website strategy emerged as a logical move.

The goal was to implement a fresh website strategy that delivered comprehensive information to each customer while simultaneously catering to all potential customer segments. In this process, we created new industry-focused, SEO-optimized web pages addressing distinct "personas" Leadec USA aimed to attract. These were complemented by revamped downloadable case studies showcasing the company's expertise in high-demand industries and serving as effective tools for lead generation.

The existing website content was also fine-tuned, aligning the language with the brand’s desired tone and brand positioning. Design elements were meticulously adjusted to incorporate strategic funnels and conversion points to drive higher engagement rates.


Generate Leads from New Target Markets

Maximizing Discoverability for Lead Generation

Another crucial front in introducing Leadec USA to previously untapped markets and driving lead generation was leveraging paid promotions on the two most relevant platforms for the company: Google and LinkedIn.

Enhancing discoverability on the world's leading search engine was a top priority for brand awareness. We conducted comprehensive keyword research to identify optimal, high-intent search terms to target, then launched a strategic search campaign that spoke directly to potential customers from new verticals. We also ran a remarketing ad campaign as part of the lead nurturing efforts. On LinkedIn, we adopted a more personalized approach, harnessing the platform's advanced filtering capabilities to launch a brand awareness campaign. This ensured that messaging appeared exclusively in front of relevant professionals within the targeted industries.

This well-thought-out strategy for paid promotion ensured maximum reach and, equally important, responsible use of the company’s ad budget.


Implement Lead Nurturing Processes for Better Conversion

Implementing Automated Workflows to Nurture Prospects

Setting up automated workflows was the final piece of the puzzle, enabling us to nurture prospects over time using data collected from various marketing channels. To achieve this effectively while also ensuring easy and accurate reporting, we implemented HubSpot as Leadec USA’s comprehensive marketing automation solution.

HubSpot's robust marketing automation capabilities empowered us to elevate Leadec USA's marketing efforts. We leveraged list segmentation to facilitate targeted inbound marketing strategies. We established email sequence workflows tailored to engage potential customers based on their specific stage in the buyer's journey, ensuring a personalized and relevant nurturing experience. Additionally, we provided HubSpot training and onboarding for the company’s local teams, empowering them to actively manage and monitor the campaigns on their end.

The Results: Immediate Exposure & Growth

Leadec USA experienced immediate benefits across multiple fronts.
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Since our partnership started, overall engagement has spiked. Specifically, our CTR for our paid searches, advertisements and email campaigns has increased. It’s hard to find a company that understands our industry, but Waypost Marketing really understands our goals, who we are, and what we do.

Waypost Marketing takes a huge burden off of me.

Priscilla Shinn, Marketing Manager at Leadec USA


What We Learned


Danielle Tebo

Marketing Strategist

Collaborating with Leadec has been an exciting journey. Our strategic approach to enhancing their brand visibility and lead nurturing processes has significantly impacted their reach and engagement. By optimizing their website, leveraging targeted paid promotions, and conducting monthly reporting and analysis, we’ve empowered Leadec to expand into new markets and achieve business growth. We’re proud to contribute to their success and look forward to continuing this dynamic partnership.

Leadec USA has solidified its status as a global cross-industry manufacturing support leader, resulting in an ongoing marketing partnership with Waypost.

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