Rachel Allain, Marketing Coordinator

As a Marketing Coordinator at Waypost, I assist businesses by creating branding material to draw in prospective customers. I coordinate the release of marketing content to ensure that brand engagement is always experiencing an upward trend.

I’m fairly new to Waypost and have only been in the marketing field for a year, but I aim to hone my skills to become a proficient writer who can help small companies sell big ideas to their potential clients. I want to be able to organize tasks and plans like there is no tomorrow!

I absolutely love the camaraderie here at Waypost. My colleagues genuinely care about my success as an employee and clearly want to take care of their clients. They have a reputation of trustworthiness that I truly admire. Waypost does not make false promises; we deliver what we say we’ll deliver and are always upfront about what is possible.

When I’m away from work, my favorite hobbies include caring for many plant varieties, my favorite being the Elephant Ear Caladium. If I don’t want to be stuck inside all day, then I love going out in nature and hiking (my favorite hike was a 3-day backpacking excursion in the Idahoan wilderness). I’m currently trying to get into roller skating, but I have terrible balance, so we’ll see how it goes!