Content Marketing

August 3, 2016

4 Content Marketing Trends to Follow in 2017

Let’s play pretend for a moment: pretend you’re starring in a Broadway play and that your spectators will applaud if you give them a worthwhile show. […]
May 26, 2016

How Long Does It Take for Inbound Marketing to Work?

I have been taught that results are what really matter. What I’ve later learned on my own is that you should also be smart and understand which […]
January 25, 2016

Writing for Inbound Marketing

Writing for inbound marketing isn’t like any other kind of writing you’ve probably ever done. While it requires a solid foundation of the basic writing skills […]
September 14, 2015

3 Things Everyone Says About Blogging — And Why They’re Totally Wrong

Blogging is often overlooked. With all the buzz and flash of new social media platforms popping up seemingly every day, it’s easy to forget about this basic […]
August 25, 2015

Why Does Inbound Marketing Cost So Much?

{{ script_embed(‘wistia’, ‘ujypte088v’, ‘undefined’, ‘responsive’) }} So you’ve looked around, you’ve talked to your friends and colleagues who own businesses, and you’ve come to the conclusion […]
July 9, 2015

An Expert in Everything: Content Writing Tips for Any Industry

When I went from my previous job to working as an Inbound Marketing Producer at Waypost, it was a massive career shift. My interests had always […]
June 2, 2015

What is IMC and How Does it Relate to Inbound Marketing?

Gone are the days where agencies would create an ad to meet their clients’ demands, throw it on TV, then cross their fingers and hope it […]